Sunday, March 04, 2012

Quote of the Day

"I think the problem is the Republican leaders, Mitt Romney and the other candidates, don't have the courage to say what they say in quiet, which, they think Rush Limbaugh is a buffoon. They think he is like a clown coming out of a small car at a circus. It's great that he is entertaining and all that. But nobody takes him seriously."

Mathhew Dowd, former Bush-Cheney political strategist, on why Republicans are afraid to criticize Limbaugh. The radio show host has hurt Republicans with his "slut" comment directed at feminist activist Sandra Fluke.

Dowd also added that it is a "myth" that Limbaugh's radio audience is big. For a long time, radio ratings were made select listeners writing down what they listened to every 15 minutes for 3 months in diaries. Most people surf the radio. Even more people do not listen to the radio.

The diaries produced Limbaugh and NPR havibng huge radio ratings. The reason was people would fill in the entire 3 months of the diary with big name radio shows. People usually filled in the diaries right before they were turned in. New ratings methods with monitoring the radio signals of selected listers have shown a hugs drop in Limbaugh's listenership. The short answer is 20 million Americans do not listen to Limbaugh talk for 20 days of the month. Do you know anyone that listens to Limbaugh 60 hours of the month?

George Will sums up how tough his party truly is.

"They want to bomb Iran, but they're afraid of Rush Limbaugh."

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