Monday, March 19, 2012

Richard Swier's Xenophobic Worldview

Sarasota resident Rich Swier is one of the most vile members of the tea party movement. Swier has publicly advocated for the bullying of gay teens. Swier has pushed the conspiracy theory that the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Boy Scouts and the Broward REC.

I talked to two conservative bloggers that covered the Broward REC meeting. The Broward Republican Party voted Hamze's proposal to form a Republican club for Muslims. Both bloggers told me they heard no mention of the Muslim Brotherhood and had no idea what Swier was talking about.

This isn't the first time Swier has made things up. Blogger Erin Nanasi fact-checked Swier's claim that "over 70% of all HIV/AIDS cases are due to male sex with males."

I didn’t believe Swier’s math on that, so I called HANS, The HIV/AIDS Network of Southwest Florida, and spoke with Dianne Shipley. I gave her Swier’s statistic and she very kindly tore it apart. In 2010, there were 848 cases of HIV/AIDS in males and females. Of that number, 638 were male. Of THAT number, 70% self identified as either gay or bisexual. So, Swier did not include women in his 70% claim, and unless he’s psychic, he has no idea how those 447 men contracted HIV or AIDS. Oops.

You will be surprised to read that Swier is dismayed by the lack of tolerance.

In the nearly four years since that statement President Obama, his administration and his supporters have demonstrated their ability to get bitter, cling to their secularist/Islamic cults, condoms and gay agenda or show antipathy to people who aren't like them or implement their pro-illegal immigrant policies or negotiate with our enemies as a way to demonstrate their hate for the American people.

Swier wonders why the Left doesn't show him more love. It might be because Swier views Hispanics, gays, Muslims, liberals, and anyone that uses contraception with utter contempt. The title of the quoted Swier post is "President Obama's followers are bitter and cling to their condoms and gay agenda." Anyone who complains that other people are bitter by showing absolute bitterness over losing his arguments is projecting his own bitterness onto others. Swier wants to see a bitter person, all he has to do is look at his reflection. Only a bitter man would support violence against gay teens.

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At September 15, 2012 5:33 PM , Anonymous Jimintampa said...

A little late to the party, but 9/11/2012 Dr. Swier shows up in Tampa pushing the 'sharia law' bull$hit with Terry Kemple, wingnut and Hillsborough County School Board candidate. Swier's in the Terry Jones class of a$$holes.


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