Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stop Alex Sink

Danger, Will Robinson. Failed gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink tells the Tampa Bay Times that she is considering running against Gov. Rick Scott in 2014.

"Of course, I've thought about it," Sink said. "Many, many people are encouraging me. Even strangers who I've never met before would like to see me back."

Who are these people telling Alex Sink to run? Are these the same people whom serve as imaginary cab drivers for Thomas Friedman.

Sink made this remark at the Hillsborough County Democratic meeting.

"Just think about Rick Scott. Elections do matter. And voting matters, and who gets into office matters," Sink said. "If I were your governor, we wouldn't be doing things this way up in Tallahassee."

In case you forgot, Sink lost to Scott, in the general election. Scott had excessive baggage. Scott was forced to step down as the CEO of Columbia/HCA. Scott's former health care company had to pay the federal government a $1.7 billion fine. During his deposition, Scott was evasive about the simplest of questions. An example:

Cusack: Have inpatient visits declined?

Scott: For what time period?

Cusack: The last two years.

Scott: It depends on the quarter.

Cusack: But taken as a total, have you seen a decline?

Scott: For what time period?

Cusack: Over the last two years.

Scott: I'm not sure I understand the question.

Alex Sink lost to a candidate as damaged as Scott. Sink was so bad that MSNBC named her the worst candidate of 2010. High praise Sink, considering 2010 produced Christine O'Donnell and Joe Wilson and a host of other bizarre tea party candidate. Chuck Todd citing Sink lost in Florida to an opponent whose company committed Medicare fraud.

Florida state Rep. Rick Kriseman (D) believes Sink would be a weak candidate.

"She didn't do anything to energize the Democratic base," Kriseman says. "They stayed home. You can't take the base for granted."

State Sen. John Thrasher (R) is salivating at the prospect of at another Sink run.

Said Thrasher: "That would be the best opponent we could ever have."

Progressives need to put pressure on Sink and her political adviser Steve Schale. Sink should never run for State office again. Tweet Sink and Schale and tell them you will not support Alex Sink in 2014.

Update: Steve Schale sent me a message on Twitter stating he is not Sink's political adviser. I had some questions for Schale but couldn't message him back because he unfollowed me. Schale may not be currently employed by Sink. Schale was talking up Sink's potential candidacy last year.

“If Alex runs, Alex is the frontrunner,” said Steve Schale, a Democratic strategist who advised Sink on her run for the Governor’s Mansion last year.

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