Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rick Scott Doesn't Answer USF Cuts Question

WTSP News asked Gov. Rick Scott if he supports Sen. JD Alexander's proposed budget cuts. Scott blandly drones on without actually answering the question. Scott does say that he supports USF being forced to use its "surplus." It makes me realize that Scott doesn't even understand Alexander's proposal.

USF has $100 million in cash reserves. Alexander is attempting to take the reserve money away from USF, in order to balance the state budget. Scott is speaking, as if Alexander wants the reserve money to help fund USF. That could be further from the truth.

Scott tells Noah Pransky that USF Polytech should go through a Board of Governors rteview, before becoming a state university. Pransky takes this comment by Scott as support for USF.

SCOTT: I don't believe that any university should be harmed for the help of another university.

The sad fact is that Scott thinks that the Polytech school isn't part of USF. They are the same university system.

In the interview, Scott never actually says if he is for or against the USF cuts. Scott is a favor of going after the USF cash reserves. USF officials warn if they lose the reserves the university could wind up operating in debt. Scott is no friend of USF.

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