Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rachel Maddow on Politifact

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Rachel Maddow points out just how bad Politifact truly is. Sen Marco Rubio claimed at CPAC that the majority of Americans are conservative. Politifact found that the Gallup poll has never had people who claim to be conservative near 50 percent.

Here is the kicker of Politifact's findings.

And here’s another wrinkle: When you ask people which party they lean toward, the independents split up so that the country is almost evenly divided. For the year of 2011, Gallup reported that 45 percent of Americans identified as Republicans or leaned that way, while 45 percent identified as Democrats or leaned that way.

Any way you slice it Rubio's claim is false. Politifact rated it mostly true. Maddow has good reason to not take Politifact seriously.

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