Monday, February 13, 2012

Triangulation Man: Rick Warren

I wrote about my reservations of President Barack Obama using Rick Warren as a religious political surrogate. Warren is a sexist and a bigot. Warren councils women in abusive relationships that they are only experiencing short-term pain.

It’s not like you can escape the pain… You don’t — you don’t escape the pain. And I’d always rather choose a short term pain and find God’s solution for a long term gain, than try and find a short term solution that’s going to involve a long term pain in life.

Warren then tells women not to leave their abusive husbands.

I want to tell you the advice that we give in our counseling ministries. First of all if you are in this kind of a situation, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of our lay counseling ministry. Go in and talk to someone and let them minister to you. And the advice that we give is not divorce but separation.

All Obama accomplished by having Warren at his inauguration was alienating progressives and giving Warren free publicity. The Christian Right didn't swoon over Obama because of his association with Warren. Rick Warren was another centrist move that has blown up in Obama's face.

Warren fired off these tweets.

Warren is another example of how triangulation has been a failure for Obama.

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