Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quote of the Day

"(And then he called me a crazy person with not that many followers. I have almost 1000 more than you, fucker.) HAHA #childishtweet #p2"

Angry Black Lady, fighting with John Aravosis of Americablog.

It is alway nice to get a lecture on maturity from a woman who brags about how many followers she has and calls another blogger "fucker." To top it off, ABL has a NSFW Twitter background of an ass.

ABL has waged Twitter wars with Glenn Greenwald, Empty Wheel, Nicole Sandler and a host of other A-list bloggers. The attack on Sandler was disgraceful. ABL's idea of discourse with anyone who disagrees with President Barack Obama's policies on indefinite detention or fiscal matters is to call them emoprogs.

ABL went on a tear on popular progressive bloggers, who pointed out that Obama's concessions to Republicans during the debt ceiling crisis was politically and fiscally wrong. Tas and I asked her on Twitter to explain what Obama's strategy was. We were asking a serious question. ABL explained she didn't have time to school us. ABL did have the time to get into a Tweet war with Empty Wheel. I pointed this out to her. No response. The best way to silence her is to actually have her explain her political viewpoints.

ABL can no more explain why she supports Obama's policies than Glenn Reynolds can explain why he backed President George W. Bush. ABL and Reynolds aren't people passionate about policy. They are partisan cheerleaders. To them politics is Red Sox v. Yankees.

As for ABL's Twitter followers: Charlie Sheen has more. People follow Sheen because they like watching a train wreak. I follow ABL for the same reason. I guess by ABL's logic, we should take the political ramblings of Sheen more seriously because he has more followers. If that is the case then Sheen's views on nuclear profileration should be treated as the gospel truth. Fortunately, Twitter followers doesn't automatically give credibility. That has to be earned. Picking fights would popular lefty bloggers is a good way for ABL to get attention. It won't earn credibility.

Side note: Aravosis angered transgender supporters. There are tweets going back and forth. I'm not sure how it started. I know from history that Aravosis tends to dig himself a deeper hole. Aravosis was defending Dan Savage. Avavosis went over-the-top by calling certain members of the trans community the "trans mafia." The comment gave ABL an opportunity to attack Aravosis. Aravosis has often been critical of Obama.

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