Monday, January 23, 2012

USF GOP Debate Live Blogging

My understanding is the Marshall Center at USF is shut down for the Republican debate.

Drink every time a candidate mentions Ronald Reagan's name.

The Ron Paul supporters are out in force by the Marshall Center.

Video of the scene outside the Marshall Center. The media is on the second floor in the ballroom.

State of Sunshine blogger Jim Johnson said he estimates there are about 200 Ron Paul supporters.

The Tampa Bay Times has a photo gallery of the protest outside the Marshall Center. Occupy Tampa is present.

The USF Oracle has a photo of the Occupy Tampa protesters at USF.

Jim Johnson will be live blogging the debate.

My understanding is that Peter Schorsch will be live blogging. Check his blog at 9:00 PM.

Tas just sent me this awesome tweet.

There's another fucking debate tonight? I thought it was on Thursday.

It feels like there have been debates since the day after Obama's inauguration. What makes matters worse is these debates have been substance-free.

9:00 Brian Williams introduction and sweeping music.

9:02 Gingrich brings up Herbert Hoover to make the case he is electable. Good God.

9:05 Romney hits Gingrich twice on him "resigning in disgrace."

Romney declaring his love for the Paul Ryan plan is a great general election sound bite for Democrats.

Romney hits Gingrich for working on Freddie Mac. Romney is coming out swinging because he is in trouble.

9:10 Newt defending himself on House ethics reprimand. Newt attacking Romney on false facts. What part of ethics reprimand and fine does Newt not understand. Newt won't fess up to anything.

9:13 Man is Rick Santorum boring.

9:17 Is Gingrich and Paul having an onstage bromance?

Jim Johnson picks up on the bromance vibe.

Ron Paul praises Gingrich, and might support Newt. Gingrich returns some of the favor.

Ginger Lee thinks Newt brushed off Paul.

'Rick Perry said I'm cool, fuck the other dude from TX'-What Newt really meant.

9:22 Newt wants a 15 percent flat tax and zero capital gains tax. Next Newt will say he will balance the budget.

9:24 Short answer: Mitt lifted himself up by his designer boot straps.

Peter Schorsch sums up Santorum's electability. Remember, Santorum lost his Senate race.

“I lost by 18 points but it was only because I was a terrible candidate.”

9:27 Shorter Gingrich: "I didn't lobby. I told Freddie Mac how to lobby."

9:28 Romney hits Gingrich on the infamous "historian" defense. That was the best b.s. answer during the debates.

Jim Johnson thinks that Romney needs to stop the Freddie Mac attack. Romney has no choice. He is in trouble.

9:33 Isn't Brian Williams suppose to be moderating? Romney and Gingrich have been arguing forever.

9:37 Santorum blaming the entire foreclosure crisis on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fannie and Freddie were part of the problem. Santorum won't name the major banks that sold the majority of the mortgages.

9:41: BHAH! HA! HA! HA! HA! Romney said Pam Bondi is cracking down on illegal foreclosures. Wrong.

Ginger Lee pointed out the stupidity of the debate.

Holy hell, we're arguing about Castro going to heaven or hell?

Candidates can't be accused of getting bogged down in wonkery.

9:50 Gingrich is attacking Obama on foreign policy. Obama backed Libya bombing and killed Osama bin Laden.

9:52 Romney wants to keep troops in Afghanistan longer. Afghanistan is a losing proposition.

Commercial break: Do Romney and Gingrich truly believe sending more troops to war and accusing Obama of being weak on national security will win in the general election? It won't.

9:58 Adam and Beth Reinhard in the House to help Williams give candidates non-questions.

9:59 Santorum is making same argument on Iran that Bush administration did with Iraq.

10:02 Shorter Rick Santorum: Offshore oil drilling helps tourism. Nothing prettier than seeing an oil rig off the beach.

10:04 The bashing the Spanish language should continue to repel Hispanics from Republicans.

10:06 Gingrich supports citizenship for military service.

10:07 Romney proposes that immigrants would turn themselves for self-deportation. This took 30 seconds for Romney's staffers to think up.

I agree with Ezra Klein on this.

I bet watching Newt Gingrich run for president makes Bill Clinton want to run for president sooooo bad

Commercial break saves America from the boredom. None of these candidates have anything resembling charisma.

Reactions to Mitt's "self-deportation" immigration policy. People are wondering what the hell is Romney talking about.

Jim Johnson

Adam Smith continues on immigration. Romney says the best plan is self-deportation… what?

Ginger Lee

Is 'self deportation' just a fancy word for leaving? Because it sounds like it.

10:18 Gingrich saying that Terri Schiavo cased wasn't reviewed by the courts. It went up to the federal courts. The Supreme Court rejected hearing the Schiavo case.

Gary Fineout points out that Gingrich won't let facts get in the way.

Newt Gingrich says there should have been a judicial review of Schiavo decision. Well, there was.

10:23 Romney harps so much on "the Space Coast" that it is obvious he was coached for his debate prep. Problem is that Romney makes it obvious.

10:25 Sorry Newt, but most economist don't agree that the Bush tax cuts helped the economy.

10:30 Brian Williams asked what Romney did to further conservatism. Romney says he raised a family and worked in business. Tons of people have done that who aren't conservative or political.

10:33 Shorter Newt: I got Ronald Reagan elected and won Congress. So modest.

10:34 Rick Santorum disses Obama on cap and trade. Cap and trade was the idea of Congressional Republicans.

10:36 The question to Paul should be how he furthered the libertarian movement.

1037 Romney lying about never saying that Romneycare should not go national. Romney said his health care program should go national.

Side note: Pam Bondi's name mentioned several times. Rick Scott's name not mentioned once.

Side note: The Newt Gingrich campaign press release on Mitt Romney's conservative accomplishments is hysterical.

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