Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where is the GOP Youth Vote

Look at how old the people are at a New Gingrich rally in Mount Dora, Florida. Republicans have given up on young voters, blacks and alieniating Hispanics. Exactly who is going to be the GOP base in 10 years? Big business and Christian fundamentalists are the obvious answer. The question will be is that enough. Of course, Democrats often find ways to implode. Just look at the 2010 elections in Florida and how the Florida Democratic Party was able to do nothing with a registered voter advantage.

Side note: the young Ron Paul supporters will check out in the general election. Paul will not be the nominee. If Paul runs as an independent in the general election, Paul will likely pull some Republicans unsatisfied with their nominee. Paul can't play kingmaker. But he can hurt the GOP nominee in swing states. It would serve Republicans right for ignoring young voters.



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