Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mary Mulhern to Speak to Occupy Tampa

I stressed the importance of electing a progressive like Mary Mulhern to the Tampa City Council. This is the result of backing progressive candidates.
Mulhern will speak to Occupy Tampa this Wednesday.

It's official: Tampa City Council Member Mary Mulhern will address Occupy Tampa tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm directly before the General Assembly meeting at Curtis Hixon. She will help illuminate the process of dealing with the City and dispel some misguided rumors floating around as well as answer questions from the group. This is part of an important process of creating a dialogue with the City of Tampa as these protests continue to grow locally and nationally. If you are interested in speaking to a city-wide representative who votes on issues that could affect this group, please attend this meeting.

The other option is you can follow the Joy-Ann Reid strategy of backing conservative Democrats like Ben Nelson. Reid did an amazingly asinine post pointing out that Nelson votied against the jobs bill. Reid then stressed it is essential that Nelson get re-elected. I ask you, would you rather have Democrats like Mulhern or Nelson. To me the choice is obvious.

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