Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Foreclosed Homes

Occupy Tampa plans on protesting at homes up for foreclosure.

OPEN THREAD: Anyone know someone in Tampa who is about to lose their home to foreclosure? Tell us what day the eviction squads are coming and we just might Occupy Your House! We are the 99%, and so are you. Solidarity.

There have been numerous media reports on illegal foreclosures. Matt Taibbi reported on Florida's "rocket docket" foreclosure court. Homeowners aren't given a chance to defend themselves. Judges to not read the court documents before foreclosing on a home. The rocket docket courts were designed by the Florida legislature to make it easier for banks to foreclose on homeowners.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune found that the law firm David J. Stern used bogus documents to foreclose on homeowners. The rocket docket court. After the story broke, Stern resigned as CEO David J. Stern Enterprise. Stern's employees have filed a lawsuit being fired without proper notice.

Former Florida Attorney General' Office employees Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson accused AG Pam Bondi of firing them to shut down an investigation of a foreclosure mill. Former Assistant Attorney General Andrew Spark accused Bondi of having a cnflict of interest with the foreclosure firm Marshal Watson.

On the other hand, since Bondi has taken over, the 30 or so attorneys at the Economic Crimes Division have filed a total of approximately only 15 lawsuits. In fact, the 15 lawsuit figure is being charitable, since two were shared among several states filed in distant courts...

In fairness, many of Spark's complaints go back to Bill McCollum's tenure. However, it is easy to see why Occupy Tampa wants to proptest foreclosures.

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