Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The NRA Conspiracy Files

At the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference, National Rifle Association executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre spoke about President Barack Obama fiendish conspirary to take guns away from citizens. LaPierre tells the crowd that Obama's diabolical plan is to let gun control laws lapse. Quick! Go hide your guns.

[I]n public, [President Obama will] remind us that he's put off calls from his party to renew the old Clinton [assault weapons] gun ban, he hasn't pushed for new gun control laws, and he'll even say he looked the other way when Congress passed a couple of minor pro-gun bills by huge majorities. The president will offer the Second Amendment lip service and hit the campaign trail saying he's actually been good for the Second Amendment.

But it's a big fat stinking lie, just like all the other lies that have come out of this corrupt administration. It's all part -- it's part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment in our country.

Before the President was even sworn into office, they met and they hatched a conspirary of public deception to try to guarantee his re-election in 2012.

Here is a question for Mr. LaPierre. Does he have any proof of this meeting amongst Obama administration officials taking place? LaPierre speaks as if he has inside information. I challenge him to provide the time, place and the participants that took part in this meeting to destroy the Second Amendment. I know LaPierre will never answer my questions because conspiracy theorists never have to produce pesky things called facts.

Most conspirary theorists usual don't use the word conspiracy. LaPierre is so paranoid that he cannot be bothered with hiding his delusional worldview.

Never mind that Obama signed a bill allowing concealed weapons in national parks.

Never mind that the President supported the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the District of Columbia's gun ban.

Never mind the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gave Obama an F grade. Obama's actions show how bogus LaPierre's statements are.

On a political note: Obama has taken pro-gun positions to appease the NRA. In return the NRA is saying the President wants to take guns away from people. This is another reason why Democrats should drop triangulation as a political strategy.

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