Friday, July 22, 2011

Triangulation Man: Obama Losing Base

From my email box. A CNN Poll shows the Left is unsatisfied with President Obama's performance.

President Obama's approval rating falls to 45%, driven in part by dissatisfaction from the left with Obama's track record, a new CNN/ORC International poll released today suggests.

The new poll shows that 38% disapprove of Obama because he has been too liberal, but 13% percent say he has not been liberal enough, nearly double those who felt that way in May. His approval rating among liberals is at 71%, an all-time low for his presidency. Overall, those who disapprove of Obama is at 54%, tying an all-time low hit just before November's midterm elections.

Poll respondents' negative opinions weren't reserved just for the president, though -- 55% of all Americans have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party, a 7-point increase since March. And only 37% feel the GOP's policies would move the country in the right direction, a 9-point drop since the start of the year.

This isn't 1996. People do not want Obama being more Republican. The CNN poll shows the vast majority of Americans do not like the direction the Republican Party is going in. The majority of the people who think Obama is too liberal haven't been paying attention and will not likely vote for him.

The truth is Obama hates progressives. The President mockingly calling Sen. Bernie Sanders "you progressives" illustrates that Obama does not consider himself part of the movement.

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