Thursday, July 21, 2011

Astinence Education Fail

Project AIM (Adult Identity Mentoring) is a abstinence program used for STD prevention in Florida and other states. The program doesn't teach teenagers about condoms, identifying STDs on a sexual partner or anything that might actually prevent the spread of STDs. Which might explain why STDs and teen pregnancies have increased in Florida.

Project AIM teaches the nonsense called the “Theory of Possible Selves.” Basically, it is role playing. Apparently, conservatives think preventing STDs is like a community theatre acting class.

The intervention program is based on the “Theory of Possible Selves.” The theory states that a person’s motivation is determined by a balance of positive and negative ways in which people see themselves in the future.

Individuals who are able to imagine both positive and negative futures are more likely to work toward their life goals and achieve future success. Project AIM encourages at-risk
youth to imagine a positive future and discuss how current risk behaviors could be a barrier to a successful adulthood.

Project AIM consists of 12 50-minute sessions delivered to groups of 10 to 20 youth. The intervention is divided into four parts, using group discussions and interactive activities.

Part 1 encourages youth to explore their personal interests, social surroundings and what they want to become as an adult. Youth identify people in their lives who may be barriers to success or supporters. Young adults from the community who are on their road to success are invited to speak with youth.

In Part 2, youth envision themselves in a future career and connect current behavior with success as an adult. Activities
include completing a career interest inventory, developing business cards and resumes and participating in interviews.

Part 3 engages youth in role-playing around communication and small group activities involving planning and decision making.

In Part 4, youth think about their futures in terms of milestone goals to accomplish and potential obstacles that must be overcome.

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