Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Equal Rights Amendment Bill in Florida House

Florida House Rep. Lori Berman (D-Delray Beach) House Concurrent Resolution 8003. The resolution would have Florida ratify the Equal Rights amendment 2/3 of the states are needed to make the Equal Rights amendment part of the Constitution.

"The Equal Rights Amendment will offer formal protection to a woman's right to equality," said Representative Berman. "I have always been a strong advocate and proponent for women's rights in all areas, but this is an inherent part of being an American. The foremost duty of our government is to protect those inalienable rights. I am proud to carry the torch on this bill again."

Berman's bill died in the House last year. Democrats and feminist should make a big stick about this and force Republicans to explain why don't don't support equality for women. The explanations wouldn't pass the laugh test.

Side note: the Equal Rights amendment polls well and still hasn't become a part of the Constitution. What are the chances that Republicans will get a balanced budget amendment into the Constitution?

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At January 06, 2012 7:20 PM , Blogger Sandy Oestreich said...

Reasons for FL legislature refusing even to hold hearings on Florida's bill to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment so it can go on toward passage into the US Constitution is no joke. We understand your "joke" but their outspoken reason (Sen. President Haridopolos,Speaker Cannon) is that "ERA will 'hurt' Business".
Yep, that's IT.
They MEAN, though, that IF they were to hear the ERA bills, Business would holler and refuse them their payoff--campaign funding! For they know, as we know, that IF ERA is heard, ERA WILL PASS!

It's as simple as that, we know. NOW you know too. Politicians are bought every day for the protection and growth of Business revenues.

Putting that aside, you must hear us: ERA in place in the US Constitution would likely boost the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) up to 9% !!! Now THAT is Good for Business.

Nah, the gut reaction of lotsa men in power is to nix the ERA and its empowerment of women. They just shrug their shoulders when asked if they wouldn't like to see their wives, moms, daughters, sisters empowered--YES they DO.

We are fighting back for gender-equal treatment --male and female alike-- as provided by the ERA via the national Equal Rights Alliance. First, we are ratifying the ERA in Florida. Then just 2 more states are needed out of the 7 very ERA-active states! ERA just needs THREE. is where the action is. is who runs it. Go There!


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