Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Luis Garcia Announces Congressional Campaign

Congressman David Rivera raised only $35,500 last quarter. Rivera is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Rivera received an unreported $137,000 from Millennium Marketing. When the payment was discovered Rivera said it was a loan. Millennium Marketing received $510,000 from Flagler Dog Track. Millennium was run by an aide of Rivera's. The Flagler Dog Track is owned by the Havenick family. At the time Millennium was involved with the Flagler Dog Track. The latter was lobbying the Florida legislature. Rivera was a member of the Florida House during this time.

Democratic state Rep. Luis Garcia announced he will run for Rivera's seat. The 25th district is predominantly Cuban and Republican. Garcia is a former Miami Beach fire chief.

Despite all of Rivera's political scandals, the 25th district is a hard seat for Democrats. On paper, Garcia is the right candidate to run against Rivera. He is Cuban, experienced, been elected to the Florida legislature and has a solid background in public service. Garcia's problem is The Republican Cuban machine knows how to turn out voters on election day. A strong Democratic turnout is a must if he has any chance of winning. Rivera will get his voters to come out. Garcia needs to court younger Cuban voters that aren't obsessed with overthrowing Castro. The older Cuban voters will vote for Rivera because he is a Republican.

I wouldn't be surprised if the DCCC writes off this race.

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