Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fiscal Conservatism of David Rivera

It seems David Rivera wasn't a fiscal conservative when it came to managing the finances of the Miami-Dade Republican Party.

"We have expenditures that are unsustainable," the party's chairman, state Rep. Erik Freen of Miami, said Wednesday night to the members of the local GOP, also known as the Republican Executive Committee.

Fresen took over for Rivera last December. The Miami-Dade Republican Party's fiscal year ended with $12.66. As chair of the Miami-Dade Republican Party, Rivera paid Communication Solutions $250,000. The Miami-Dade Republican Party could find no record of the transaction. Communication Solutions is run by Rivera's girlfriend Esther Nuhfer.

Fresen was forced to hold the party's Lincoln Day Dinner to bring in contributions. At the time of this post, the Miami-Dade Republican Party has $1,097.11 in the bank.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been heading an investigation on Rivera. The investigation centers on a $510,000 payment Flagler Dog Track made to Millennium Marketing, which is owned by Rivera's mother and godmother. This was around the time Flagler was lobbying the Florida legislature for slot machines. Rivera received $137,000 from Millennium Marketing. Rivera did not disclose the money. After the money was discovered, Rivera claimed it was a loan.

I need a scorecard to keep up with Rivera's scandals.

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