Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rubio & Hatch Anti-Abortion Bill Would Jail Doctors

Marco Rubio and Orrin Hatch are the co-sponsors of Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen attemted to pass this bill in 2005. Several other versions of the bill was attempted during the Bush years and went nowhere. Rubio and Hatch know that they have zero chance of getting a vote on this bill in the Senate. Rubio and Hatch may be sincere in their anti-abortion beliefs. They are also pols and know this bill will help them with social conservatives.

The bill has yet to be published on the internet. Rubio and Hatch issued a joint press release. Their bill would allow for the criminal prosecution of abortion providers.

CIANA allows for punishment, in the form of fines or imprisonment, of physicians who knowingly perform an abortion on a minor who has traveled across state lines and any individual who transported the minor across state lines. The legislation does not apply in cases of a medical emergency, abuse or neglect

Notice Rubio and Hatch do not have the balls to criminally prosecute a woman who terminates her unborn fetus. Republicans can kiss women voters goodbye if they do that.

What is interesting is that Republicans were complaining that Obama's (very bad) health care reform was big government interfering with state health care. Rubio and Hatch interfere with state health care and interstate commerce without flinching. Jen Phillips of Mother Jones points out that states have constantly changing abortion consent laws for minors. States would have to legal adhere to their own and other states abortion consent and noification laws. The end result would likely be abortion providers less likely to perform abortions on minors. Republicans continue to search for ways to make a legal medical procedure illegal.

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