Monday, June 20, 2011

News Flash: Peter Schorsch Is Rather Conservative

Peter Schorsch was a multiple winner of the 2010 Florida Netroots awards. Schorsch is a fantastic blogger, but he isn't a progressive. This post could have been written by State of Sunshine blogger Jim Johnson. It was actually written by Schorsch.

I was just about to jump on Tim Pawlenty’s bandwagon.

I mean, I was right there. I was in the top three percentile of all Pawlenty supporters on his website’s action center, built by my good friends at Engaged. I had even earned a badge from the campaign for being a ‘Super Supporter.’

In fact, I was worried the Pawlenty train was leaving the station without me. The former Governor of Minnesota had already signed up Phil Handy and Justin Sayfie to head up his efforts in Florida.

So, there I was, running down the street, chasing after Tim Pawlenty. Boy, am I glad I never caught up. At least for the time being.

How can you get behind a candidate who has yet to demonstrate he has a backbone? Pawlenty’s cringe-worthy backing down at last week’s candidate debate was enough to make any prospective supporter have second thoughts.

Thinking about Tim Pawlenty so much, I believe I figured out my problem with him. It’s the whole ‘T-Paw’ thing.

Schorsch is dumping on Pawlenty because of the nickname T-Paw. Schorsch mentions nothing about Pawlenty's insane economic policies. Really Peter, T-Paw is the deal breaker. Never mind that whole 41.4 percent tax cut for the rich and unrealistic promise of 5 percent GDP growth. Even Bill Clinton never reach 5 percent GDP growth when he was president. Maybe these economic policies appeal to Schorsch. That would explain his bromance with the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

I never made the argument that Schorsch is a progressive. Schorsch has worked on Republican campaigns. What I find amusing is that I get ripped by the blogger who shall not be named for pointing out that Kendrick Meek was a horrible candidate. Schorsch works on Republican campaigns and wins progressive blogging awards. That is hysterical.

Update: Schorsch tweeted me this response.

I am a Rockerfeller Republican, @pushingrope. On some items, choice, equality, race, I am a fervent progressive.

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