Friday, June 03, 2011

Saint Petersblog's Bromance With the Florida Chamber of Commerce

Can anyone remember Peter Schorsch of Saint Petersblog writing a negative post on the Florida Chamber of Commerce? Going through Saint Petersblog's archives finds many posts that read like free presses for the Florida Chamber. Let's take a look at some of the less than hard-hitting posts.

Florida Chamber crows about getting 31 of 36 priories passed by the Legislature

Schorsch' comment:

Well, it looks like Wilson wasn’t kidding around. Check out this presser from the Florida Chamber crowing about getting 31 of its 36 legislative priorities passed this Session:

Schorsch doesn't say whether the Florida Chamber passing such things as limiting unemployment compensation or deregulating telecom companies is a good or bad thing.

Let's look at another post.

New FL Chamber poll shows voters support legislative action to curtail PIP legal fees

Schorsch has made his career as being a political strategist. Schorsch understands polls. Schorsch never offers his own opinion of whether the poll is skewed the favor the Florida Chamber's goal of tort reform. If you think the Florida Chamber would put out a poll showing people favoring a position the Florida Chamber is against then you likely believe Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul will be their party's presidential nominees. The post is likely a press release Schorsch ran without comment.

Saint Petersblog's latest Florida Chamber of Commerce post.

Florida Chamber releases 2011 Legislative Report Card

The post is about the Florida Chamber putting out a report card on which members of the Florida legislature were the biggest suck-ups to the Chamber. You will be less than shocked to learn the JD Alexander and Charlie Van Zant scored a perfect 100. Democrat Arthenia Joyner scored a 17. Which gives me a greater respect for her. Schorsch never says if the scoring system is fair or unfair. He does run this quoted paragraph.

“This legislative session was a contentious one, putting those who were protecting the status quo against those of us leading Florida forward,” said Bense. “The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card is the best way for business leaders to see whose side their legislators voted with and how those votes will impact their bottom line.

Schorsch works with numerous organizations with his political consulting and his blog's advertising sales. I have no idea if Schorsch has a business relationship with the Florida Chamber of Commerce. I do know the Florida Chamber doesn't send me press releases. I do know Schorsch is capable of better coverage of the Florida Chamber. He is too good of a blogger to be giving the Florida Chamber a free pass.

Update: Schorsch responds to my post.

For the record, at this time, I do not have, nor have I had an advertising relationship with the Florida Chamber. They just supply a lot of content of interest to my readers.

I'm sure Schorsch's readers (I'm one of them) are interested in the Florida Chamber of Commerce's press releases and lobbying of the Florida legislature. I'm interested in what Schorsch thinks about this. Peter is not lacking in opinions.

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At June 06, 2011 9:39 AM , Anonymous Peter Schorsch said...

For the record, at this time, I do not have, nor have I had an advertising relationship with the Florida Chamber. They just supply a lot of content of interest to my readers.


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