Thursday, June 02, 2011

More on Scott's The Villages Fiasco

Rep. Mark Pafford, D-West Palm Beach, sent a to a letter to Gov. Rick Scott asking for an explanation asking why protesters were removed from Scott's budget signing at the Villages. Including residents of the Villages. Pafford told Scott he will use a Chapter 119.07 public records request, if he doesn't get answers. Pafford is holding back, for the time being, on making the Chapter 119.07 request. The question is why.

The Scott administration has been horrible on transparency. Scott's staff members intentionally avoid using government e-mail. Scott and his staff want to avoid the e-mails being public records. Scott's political adviser Mary Anne Carter admitted this to Sen. Bill Nelson.

"I rarely check and almost never respond to work e-mail because of the open record law," Carter wrote from her private e-mail account.

Scott is using the Mayor Rick Baker excuse. Baker claimed he had no knowledge that the St. Petersburg police, fire and waste management projects were going to take down tent city and destroy the belongings of homeless people.

"I did not know that the operation had occurred until it occurred," Baker said Monday. "I was aware that the fire marshal had identified a very grave concern. I did not know the specifics to the solution."

If we are to believe Baker, he is utterly clueless and has no idea what department under his command are doing. City officials got together to tear down a homeless community because they just all happened to be in the same place at the time.

Scott staffers kicked out Democratic-leaning members of the Villages. Scott maintains he is clueless about what happened at a budget signing he attended. The St. Petersburg Times witnessed people getting kicked out of the event.

Scott staffers dressed in dark suits and wearing black ear pieces summoned Sumter County sheriff's deputies. They told the deputies that the state budget signing was a private event and that a group of Democrats standing or sitting in the last two rows of the audience must leave.

Deputies went to tell the group to leave. The Democrats mentioned how the event was described as being open to the public in the local newspaper, the Villages Daily Sun. "Well, I don't read that paper," the deputy responded.

The group of Democrats then said it was unfair that they were being singled out.

Scott and his staff have have no respect for the First amendment right to assembly. Below is a video of people being removed from the budget signing by law enforcement.

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