Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Time, Democrats, and Michael Grunwald

There are so many inaccuracies in this Michael Grunwald piece published on TIME's "Swampland" blog (what the hell kind of name is that, anyway?) that I just want to scream. My head would explode if I got into details -- but, in summary, Grunwald asserts that the left needs to get down on our knees and worship Obama because he's given us everything we want. And anyone who thinks differently is just some dumb ape who's part of the "professional left".

I'm not exactly sure who the "professional left" is -- is it me? I've spent a lot of time criticizing Obama. Of course, I haven't been paid a dime for it. So I find it ironic that a writer who's made a career out of penning articles that are total bullshit derides an entire group of Obama questioners as the "professional left" when, uh, he's the professional political writer, hence having a career and making a living off his work. Perhaps I can't make a living as a writer because I'm not as full of shit as Grunwald and his ilk, and I'm fine with that -- at least I can sleep at night without wondering if I'm a fucking asshole. But please don't label me as a "professional" anything when said "anything" doesn't keep a fucking roof over my head.

As for why we on the faux-professional left are angry with actions taken by the Obama Administration, it's because the administration didn't left a fucking finger to fight for themselves when they had a goddamn super fucking majority in the Senate. Sixty votes -- count'em, 60 motherfucking votes. Despite having an unprecedented super-majority to ram through any agenda they wanted to, Obama and the Democrats still caved to Republican demands. Perhaps the professional douchebags have short memories and don't rememeber the mindset of the country during this time when the super-majority failed, so here's a short reminder:

We don't want to hear about what centrist bullshit Obama has done -- like get a stimulus bill passed when almost half of it was Republican tax cuts -- when we know what Obama could have done if. He. Had. Just. Fought. For. It.

The matter is really that simple. And if you don't understand it, then you're a fucking idiot.



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