Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bad Movie Classic: Top Gun

Quentin Tarantino classic spiel in the movie Sleep With Me about Top Gun being about a man's struggle with his homosexuality. The truth is Top Gun is unintentionally homoerotic. What other movie has a mind-numblingly long and pointless sequence of characters playing volleyball. The only character that keeps his shirt on is the married Goose. The rest of the characters are shirtless and have enough body oil on them to solve the energy crisis. The song in the background is Kenny Loggins' Playing With the Boys. You can't make this stuff up.

Let's not forget Maverick's and Iceman's very close face to face locker room encounters.

I never get why Top Gun was a huge box office hit. I thought Maverick was an asshole. I remember being in pain during the You Lost That Loving Feeling scene.

What a crap movie. Just think. If this movie wasn't a box office hit, the Church of Scientology would be out of business.

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