Monday, May 02, 2011

Trump's Nerd Prom Reaction

Glenn Reynolds declared Donald Trump victorious over President Barack Obama at the nerd prom. Reynolds claimed Obama was "building Trump up good." One does not get built up by being publicly mocked as a conspiracy theorist by the President.

Seth Meyers also mocked Trump at the dinner. Ann Althouse wrote that nerd prom was a victory for Trump and the Donald enjoyed the evening.

So what was Trump's reaction?

"Seth Meyers has no talent," Mr. Trump said in an interview on Sunday. "He fell flat. In fact, I thought Seth's delivery was so bad he hurt himself."

Mr. Trump, who appeared unsmiling throughout most of the annual dinner on Saturday night acknowledged his occasional discomfort ("I am not looking to laugh along with my political enemies") but said he viewed the rough treatment as a measure of fear he had struck in the Washington establishment. "It was like a roast of Donald Trump," he said, clearly reveling in the attention, if not the content.

Trump is spinning. People at the dinner wouldn't be laughing at Trump if they feared him. No one in the White House press corp dared to laugh at Stephen Colbert's jokes aimed at George W. Bush. Trump wouldn't be bitching if he thought the attention was good.

Trump is attempting to shift from birther to statesman. Trump publicly congratulated Obama on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Trump went another step by asking for a thruce on "party politics" for a few days. Now is not the times to end debate when the debt ceiling limit will soon be reached by the Treasury Department.

Trump is playing nice because he just had ass handed to him by Obama. Why Reynolds and Althouse thought Trump won is more a reflection of the intellectual disconnect of two law professors/bloggers than of reality.

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