Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama Destroys Donald Trump At the Nerd Prom

Donald Trump did not laugh once when President Obama proceeded to mock his conspiracy theories and his reality television show. It is obvious that Trump thought that Obama would never dare touch him. Trump has questioned Obama's citizenship and has expressed interest in becoming the Republican presidential nominee. Trump actually thought the man that beat the Clinton machine and the GOP in 2008 would just let him take his job.

I actually thought Team Obama should have demanded that Trump produce the finding his his bogus birth certificate investigation. Trump constantly dodged the question of whether or not his detectives found anything in Hawaii. It became obvious to me that Trump would choke under intense political pressure.

Seth Meyers came on and literally called Trump a joke. Meyers made fun of Trump's hair. Which is something that has probably not happened to Trump in such a public manner before. Trump did not stand up for the ovation the crowd gave Meyers. Trump can't seem to grasp that it isn't presidential to look like someone not tough enough to take a joke.

Update: Seth Meyers speaking about Trump at Nerd Prom.

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