Sunday, May 01, 2011

On Faith, Orientalism, and Bullshit

Whenever any Muslim anywhere does something unjust, no matter what the race or background of this person is, some people (like xenophobic elements of the Right) will claim all of Islam is responsible for the actions of one person. They will further expound that Muslims are backwards, the religion is in need of a reformation, etc., etc.

Yet when the late Pope John Paul II, who oversaw a Catholic Church that was rife with child molestation and did nothing, is beatified as some sort of goddamn fucking saint, that's OK. Hell, let's even let JP's murderous dictator thug buddies attend the ceremony!

There's certainly no hypocrisy here. Nope. Just move along, and remember to criticize the actions of anyone who's not white and Christian, because they're obviously doing something wrong.

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