Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ten Most Anti-Uterus States

Amanda Marcotte compiled a list of the ten states with the most anti-woman legislation. Unsurprisingly, South Dakota comes in first. Florida is sixth on the list.

6. Florida. Florida only got a D on the 2011 report card for the states, and I guess they’re eager to play catch-up in the Misogyny Olympics, because the legislature filed 18 separate bills restricting abortion rights. The bills are the usual scattershot of restrictions, including mandatory ultrasounds, a ban on post-20 week abortions, a First Amendment-violating law banning discussion of drugs or herbs that could induce miscarriage, and restrictions on private insurance funding for abortion. The overwhelming number of bills caused state representative Scott Randolph to crack that his wife should incorporate her uterus if she wants to have basic privacy rights, which in turn caused the censorship-happy Republican caucus to censure Randolph and attempt to silence his telling jokes in the future.

The word uterus has become a rallying cry for Florida's progressive movement. There is a Facebook page called Uterus. Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon overplayed his hand by attempting to censor a inoffensive word. Anyone that has problem hearing the word uterus is really sexually uptight.

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At April 07, 2011 9:46 PM , Anonymous Sean said...

Misogyny Olympics?? According to Webster, the definition of misogyny is "a hatred of women." So forcing women to get an ultrasound(the agony), banning herbs that could induce miscarriage(torture), and putting an age limit on the abortion of the fetus(poor women) is a hatred of women? That's a lot of spin. I think it's for the protection of the baby/fetus and not the hatred of women. But I guess buzz words and exaggerations are better for the argument. What does Ms Marcotte suggest, No restrictions? No responsibility?drive through abortions at Steak N Shake? Those restrictions seem pretty reasonable to me. I'm pro choice and I event thought this article was ridiculous. It bothers me when women like this speak of abortion cause they always play the victim. Accept for cases of rape, when is the woman ever a victim in cases of abortion? It was a personal choice to have sex. Sticking up so sternly for women and not speaking on behalf of the fetus is like a black man speaking out against racism and then bashing gays. It's one-sided and hypocritical. Feminism is equal right, not extra rights.

At April 07, 2011 9:54 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

The ultrasound is not for medical purposes. Republicans want to make women pay for ultrasounds they don't want. It is shaming and making abortions more costly.

"It bothers me when women like this speak of abortion cause they always play the victim."

Regulating a woman's body is not sticking up for her.


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