Monday, April 04, 2011

Republicans' Jobs Plan Has No Jobs Plan

The Republican National Committee unveiled its site "Hope Isn't Hiring." Attacking President Barack Obama on the economy is smart politics. However, that is all the RNC does. Nowhere on the site does the RNC make the case for the Republican Party's economic policies. It is hard to fill a pages with chants of tax cuts and less regulations. The web site does take the time to attack Obama on social issues.

The Case Against Obama: Social Issues

Despite It Being The Law Of The Land, Obama Refused To Continue To Defend The Defense Of Marriage Act In Court

Obama Repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell While U.S. Troops Are Still On The Battlefield

Despite Obama’s Misleading Rhetoric, ObamaCare Will Provide Federal Funding For Abortions

Obama Rescinded The Conscience Clause, Exposing Doctors And Nurses To Discrimination

Obama Has Repeatedly Nominated Liberal Extremists To The Federal Bench

Obama Opposed California’s Prop 8 And Has Expanded Government Recognition Of Same-Sex Couples

Obama Ordered Federal Tax Dollars To Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research Until A Federal Judge Intervened

Obama Supports Planned Parenthood And Its Federal Funding Of Abortions

Obama Is Against School Choice And Giving Parents Control Over Their Children’s Education

Many Americans No Longer Feel That The President Shares Their Values

If Obama spent more time discriminating gays then jobs would magically appear.

A few facts: Obama signed an executive order forbidding any federal funds from the Affordable Health care Act from funding abortions. The exception being in the case of rape and incest. Obama's execiutive order was a step back for reproductive rights.

Obama budgeted money so 1,716 District of Columbia students could attend private schools. Obama caved from his original position against D.C. student vouchers. Obama is a supporter of charter schools.

Part of the administration's educational reforms also include plans to close the poorest performing 5 percent of schools in the nation, turning some of them into charter schools.

"There's no silver bullets here," the president said. However, he said, "There are some charters that have figured out how to do a very good job. What we've got to do is look at the success of these schools and find out how do we duplicate them... What I'm interested in ... is fostering these laboriteies of excellence."

The Conscience Clause is unconscionable. This would allow doctors and nurses not to performs abortions and other medical procedures that is their faith. Even if the patient's life is in danger. This policy is also unpopular. This Tampa Bay community was outraged when a rape victim was wrongly jailed and an Orient Road Jail nurse refused to give her the morning after pill. Republicans are so scared of the Christian Right that they are attacking Obama for not supporting a policy that would mandate a rape victim would carry a child to term. How this Republican policy is suppose to create jobs is beyond me.

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