Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quote of the Day

"In an 'ordinary' presidential year, I suppose we could all afford the surreal entertainment that features eccentric New Hampshire postal clerks or wizened Iowa corn famers (sp) forcing the nation's leading presidential candidates to line up to take a number for the privilege of groveling on the subject of ethanol over the cowl of a tractor, or choking down on a stack of pancakes and maple syrup while chatting about this year's prospects for the Red Sox.

"However we don't have the luxury this year. 2012 is simply the last call for America. This is it, end game. If Obama wins re-election, America becomes France with baseball. In this year above all, we can take no chances. We do not dare allow a tiny collection of wholly unrepresentative and self-important bumpkins to even POTENTIALLY steer our candidate off course into a narrow path that makes victory in November 2012 even SLIGHTLY less likely. We just can't. (And besides, ethanol and the Red Sox are stupid.)"

Lew Oliver, Orange County Republican Party chairman

Florida's Democratic and Republican parties lost delegates in 2008 because the primary was moved up. In 2000, Florida went through a controversal recount. Oliver is right. Florida should move up the primary. What other state has Florida's track record for presidential elections. Oliver's "ethanol and the Red Sox are stupid" reasoning is infallible.

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