Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gasparilla Rape Police Mishandling Update

Lindsay Beyerstein and the St. Petersburg Times have punditry about the Tampa rape victim who was jailed by the Tampa Police Department. Lindsay is disturbed that a health care worker can deny a second morning after pill for religious reasons. The Times correctly believes that any supervisor who doesn't have the common sense not to arrest a rape victim should not be in that position.

Update: Her health care worker's layer, Jennifer D'Angelo, said her client was prohibited from giving the second morning after pill.

Tampa attorney Jennifer D'Angelo, who represents the jail worker, said Tuesday that her client is prohibited from giving inmates any medication without specific orders. The worker insists she never discussed religion with the woman who reported being raped.

TPD spokeswoman Laura McElroy contradicts the health care worker's story.

The woman's attorney said a jail nurse refused to give the medication because of religious objections. On Tuesday, the nurse's attorney said she refused not because of religious objections but because dispensing medication that is not listed on a medical chart violates protocol.

McElroy, the police spokeswoman, said Tampa police Officer Lisa Cordero told several jail employees about the woman's situation and specifically told them she needed the medication.

There are several possibilities. The officer did not inform jail workers. A physician didn't give health care workers the authority to administer the second pill. The woman refused to give the pill based on religious beliefs. The question is whose responsibility was it to authorize administer the second pill?

Update Here is a photo of the rape suspect. Anyone with information can call (813) 231-6130.


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