Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Ayn Rand Dating Site

Ayn Rand fans now have their own dating site. Atlasphere is for Ayn Rand dating and networking. All you objectivists looking for love now have a place to go to. Megan McArdle must be asking yourself where was this web site when she was single.

Atlasphere is news to me. It has been around since 2003. Time has a composite of answers on that special someone Randians are looking to meet.

A libertarian gal who has a good attitude.

An egoist bastard with a loving heart.

A man who can stand alone against a tide of opposition.

An independent, rational, logical, ambitious, selfish, productive [woman who is] proud of her moral character [and] values maintaining physical attractiveness.

Guys, if you want to be successful in love you need to be an egoist bastard and able to stand against the tide of oppression. And inflict oppression on those people too lazy to get out of their wheelchairs and stop collecting Medicaid.

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