Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mike Thomas Fan Letter to Rick Scott

Benjamin Kirby wrote that Howard Troxler and Carl Hiaasen should get over the election of Rick Scott.

Was I depressed when hospital grifter Rick Scott and a veto-proof hard-right Republican Legislature got elected in November? Yes. For a couple of weeks. In fact, maybe I'm still a little upset -- but I have also moved past it.

You'd better do the same, if only for your own sanity. I'd say the same thing to Troxler and Hiaasen.

Fortunately, for Kirby, Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas answers the call with an op-ed about how much he loves Scott.

•There is no Solantic conspiracy. This was one of the loonier theories pushed by Democrats. Scott supposedly invested $70 million on a long-shot gamble to become governor so he somehow could direct enough state business to his Solantic clinics to make it all back, and more. That almost is up there with Obama being born in Kenya. Now that Scott is selling his share in the clinics, we can put this behind us unless Donald Trump runs for governor in 2014.

•How many politicians have promised to "end politics as usual in Tallahassee"? Only one has done it.

•Next to Casey Anthony and Dancer the tiny dog, Rick Scott is the best thing that ever happened to our website.

I wonder how many op-eds like that Kirby can read? I'm sure it won't be the last penned by Thomas.

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At April 17, 2011 6:55 PM , Blogger bytehead said...

"How many politicians have promised to "end politics as usual in Tallahassee"? Only one has done it."

Yep, and replaced the politics with an autocracy. Some improvement!(?)

Next to Casey Anthony? He's killer alright.

At April 17, 2011 7:07 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Do not speak ill of Caesar.

Thomas is a conservative mouthpiece. I wasn't surprise by his op-ed. I thought it was a good counterpoint to Kirby's post. Most columnists are going to write negative articles about Scott. That is a good thing.


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