Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quote of the Day

"This should not be a shock to anyone. Obama is a socialist who hates America. He wants to see America in economic collapse. Only if the economy is wrecked and America’s power destroyed can he and his socialist cronies replace the greatest economic system in the world with a failed system."

Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation founder and conspiracy theorist.

Phillips actually believes Obama has a secret agenda to wreck the country, so Americans would be forced into socialism. I like to hear Phillips thoughts on President George W. Bush's Medicaid Advantage and economic policies. I would love to hear how Bush posting negative job gains during his entire administration was not leading us on the way to socialism. We have seen an increase of people collecting food stamps and unemployment because of Bush's failed policies.

I do not think Bush is a socialist. However, I can make a coherent that Bush is a socialist. Phillips' punditry has the sophistication of a 12-years-old child having a temper tantrum.

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