Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scott is 'Flummoxed' at Dept of Corrections

Teachers have voiced their disapproval of Florida education cuts. Department of Corrections workers, facing possible layoffs, got a chance to air their grievances. Gov. Rick Scott was taken by surprised when workers at the headquarters of the Department of Corrections took him to task.

The crowd burst into applause when veteran accounting supervisor Delphine Hill politely but firmly pointed out that state workers have not had a raise in six years and are now being threatened with increased health care costs and reduced benefits.

"You said to hold you accountable," Hill said. "What have you required of the wealthiest Floridians to contribute to the state deficit?"

Now that is an excellent question.

Jim Ash of the Pensacola FL News described Scott as "flummoxed" by the question. This was Scott's answer.

"In business, your overhead has to come down each and every year," Scott said.

Scott reverted to a talking point. This is a politician that can't connect with people. Scott is in trouble. That is going to come off as bullshit to Corrwections workers facing 1,700 layoffs. Scott is a politician that can't connect with people. Scott is in trouble. I consider that a good thing. Scott's lack of popularity will minimize the damage he will do.

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