Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mike Haridopolos Stands By Jim Norman

It is nice to see Florida Senate Republicans stand up against corruption by appointing Jim Norman as the chair of the Administrative Procedures Committee. Who is more qualified to chair a committee in charge of oversight on government decisions than a State Senator under an FBI investigation.

Sen. Mike Haridopolos made the decision to reward Norman with the chairmanship. Haridopolos. The State Commission of Ethics' report found that Haridopolos failed to properly disclose assets. The Commission found "sufficient evidence to order a public hearing." the report found that Haridopolos is the only employee and corporate officer for MJH Consulting Company. It is a bogus for-profit company Haridopolos uses to charge corporations for consulting fees Haridopolos claims he advises companies on advistising and marketing. Haridopolos has no background in marketing and advertising. The MJH Consulting Company is a legal way corporations can pay off a state senator. It is little wonder why Haridopolos failed to list it as a second form of income on his financial disclosure.

Norman was forced to admit that Ralph Hughes gave $500,000 to buy Norman and his wife a Arkansas home. The relatives of the late Hughes want their money back. The Florida Democratic Democratic Party in their wisdom decided not to run opponents against Haridopolos and Norman. And Democrats wonder why Republicans have super-majorities in the Florida legislature.

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