Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scott's Solantic Accused of Medicare Fraud

Rick Scott refused to answer questions about his video deposition in a case involving his health care company Solantic. Scott settled with the state of Florida and kept the details behind a confidentiality agreement. Scott was combative with the media and refused to release the video deposition. I find it amazing that Scott has the chutzpah to be so prickish and secretive.


SCOTT: I told you, I am not releasing them. It’s a private matter...

Q. But you are running for governor.

SCOTT: I am running for governor -

Q. -- on your business record and this.

SCOTT: I told you right now, I’m not releasing it. What else?

Q: Well then sir will you release a transcript of the deposition then, if there’s nothing, if there’s nothing wrong in this case?

SCOTT: No, it’s a private matter, I’m not doing it.

Q. Is it a private matter anymore?

SCOTT: You can, you can ask the same question one hundred times, I’ll give you the same answer – it’s a private matter. I’m running for governor, alright? If we want to talk about that race, if we want to talk about jobs, which is what these people care about, if we want to talk about education, if you want to talk about healthcare, that’s great, but I’m not talking about private matters.

Q: you’re here to talk, I mean you’re here to talk about this.

SCOTT: I’m not doing it – what else?

The press conference had the bombshell of Scott being served with a subpoena during the pres conference. This has to be one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen happen to a politician.

Attorney Steven R. Andrews is seeking to make the video deposition public. What the deposition might reveal is Scott admitting to illegal Medicare billing practices. The Florida Independent reports Solantic wrongfully used the medical licences of two doctors for billing.

Two doctors — both former employees of Solantic, the chain of clinics launched by Scott and in which he is a majority investor — allege that Solantic repeatedly used their name and medical license information without their permission or knowledge. Both doctors state that by allegedly misappropriating their information, the company was able to keep clinics operating in contravention of state law.

One of the doctors asserts that he also came upon evidence of billing irregularities involving Medicare, which, if true, would be the second time a Scott-run company was accused of improperly billing Medicare.

Dr. P. Mark Glencross and Dr. Randy Prokes did not work together at Solantic. They both saw their names on billing forms they did not authorize. Prokes saw his name on billing forms for Solantic clinics he never worked at. Three former Solantic employees vouched for Prokes story.

It has been well documented that Scott was forced to stop down from Columbia/HCA because the company was investigated for Medicare fraud. Columbia/HCA eventually paid $1.7 billion back to the federal government. Scott tells voters he is the most qualified because of his business experience. Scott will follow that with he is not responsible for Medicare fraud under his watch. If Scott isn't responsible then who is? Leadership means Scott his the man that must be held accountable.

What we are seeing is a pattern of greed in Scott's companies. Repeated false billing practices and accusations that Scott racially discriminates in his hiring practices. Scott's qualifications seems to be being a horrible CEO of seriously questionable ethics. The worst thing is Scott's bullish manner suggests he is proud of his behavior.

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