Monday, June 14, 2010

Kendrick Meek Death Watch: Clueless Edition

The Jeff Greene campaign has released the "Clueless" ad against Kendrick Meek. The ad accurately goes into detail of Kendrick Meek's relationship with Dennis Stackhouse. The Miami Herald reported that Stackhouse paid Meek's mother 90,000 for consulting fees and bought her a Cadillac. Meek said he did not know Stackhouse hired his mom.

Stackhouse gave Meek's former Chief of Staff, Anthony Williams, 13,000 for a down payment on his house. Stackhouse also helped set up Williams' mortgage. Meek said he didn't know about Stackhouse's financial assistance to his then Chief of Staff. Are we seeing a pattern here? Williams may face charges of mortgage fraud.

Meek wrote Stackhouse and his wife a thank you note for their $5,000 campaign contribution and hosting a funraiser party.

"You and others like you are helping to build and strengthen the infrastructure of our campaign."

That thank you note is embarrassing to Meek now. Stackhouse has been indicted for stealing $1 million from the Poinciana Park developmen project. Stackhouse double-billed and created bogus accounting books. Meek earmarks for the project.

The Greene ad is clever, effective and funny. Greene has not really done anything to sell himself as a candidate. I'm the thought of Greene as a U.S. Senator scared the hell out of me. The Greene campaign is doing what Kendrick Meek hasn't been able to do in a year; define Kendrick Meek. This is one of the best political ads I have seen in ages.

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