Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Harlem Gospel Choir Pulls Out of Glenn Beck Performance

The Harlem Gospel Choir pulled out of appearing in a simulcast film rendition of Glenn Beck's book The Christmas Sweater - A Return to Redemption. The Choir said they the decision was made for financial reasons. James Rucker, executive director of Color for Change told the New York Daily News he informed the Choir of Beck's past controversial statements.

Rucker said the choir's director, Allen Bailey, was hesitant at first.

"They said they didn't know about Glenn Beck," Rucker said. "Their first reaction was, 'Maybe he's a redeemed man.'"

Rucker sent the choir excerpts from some of Beck's shows, including one where he said President Obama "has a deep-seated hatred for white people."

Beck has lost advertisers for his accusation that President Barack Obama is a racist. I said before that Beck makes no financial sense for Fox News. New Corp owner Rupert Murdoch shares Beck's insane belief that Obama is a racist. I wonder if Beck and Murdoch believe Obama hates his own white mother. I like to see the media ask them that question.

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