Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Very Special Endorsement For Marco Rubio

I wrote the Marco Rubio campaign is in trouble when the best endorsement they can get is Dennis Baxley. Campaign Rubio upped the ante by having Rubio's high school buddy Jorge Calil give an endorsement.

I have known Marco Rubio since high school and although we didn’t go to the same school we had many mutual friends - most notably our wives who have been best friends since elementary school.
You might think my interactions with Marco make me biased, but I would argue that my opinion of him is not prejudged at all. To the contrary, that first hand familiarity with Marco’s character that I’ve witnessed throughout our friendship is how I know who he really is.

My first thought isn't that Calil is biased. It is Rubio can't get any current Republican incumbants to endorse him. The GOP establishment knows Charlie Crist is going to win the nomination. An endorsement for Rubio does nothing to further the gains of Republicans. I don't doubt many Republicans feel Crist is a RINO and Rubio is a stronger conservative. None of that means anything if everyone knows Crist will win.

I get a lot of these emails from both parties. Endorsements usually come from people that are deemed politically important. Nothing against Calil, and putting a personal touch on Rubio. The Rubio campaign already smells desperate and it isn't even 2010.

Side note: Why exactly does the anti-federal government and tea bag loving Rubio want to join the Senate? A lot of Republicans preach about how government is bad but they jump at the first chance of public office. What the fuck is that about?



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