Monday, June 08, 2009

Dan Gelber Official In Attorney General Race

In unsurprising news: Dan Gelber has announced he will run for Attorney General.

"The governor's decision made the Senate race very crowded, and at the same time it opened up every other statewide seat," said Gelber, a 48-year-old former prosecutor. "I want to be part of what I hope is a renewal for our state."

Translation: the Attorney General race was the only primary Gelber had a prayer in. The Democratic establishment is firmly behind Alex Sink and Kendrick Meek for the Senate and Governor races. Gelber will face Dave Aronberg in the Democratic primary. Neither candidate has state wide name recognition. A potential candidate with greater notoriety is Rod Smith. William March reports Smith will soon announce his intentions.

Gelber posted his announcement on Youtube. Gelber strikes the right tone and works in a good dig at Gov. Charlie Crist.

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