Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michael Steele Has Got Problems

The Hill article on Michael Steele not granting money to debt ridden campaign committees is hysterical. All the sources are off-the-record. The fact remains Steele is taking heat for his mismanagement.

Former RNC chair Mike Duncan planned to send checks of $3 million each to the NRCC and NRSC. Steele sat on his hands and finally sent $1 million checks to both committees. The NRCC and NRSC are mad because Steele waited so long and then stiffed both committees of $2 million.

“Steele and his team were told, I think, as much as they cared to hear,” the source said. “I don’t believe there were long conversations between the two chairmen.”

Steele has been all over the talking heads shows since being elected RNC chair. Steele neglected to do the job he was elected to do.

Following a series of misstatements that have resulted in criticism from both inside and outside the GOP, Steele canceled a number of interviews scheduled for this week, including one with The Hill, ostensibly to focus on hiring several senior staffers.

As part of his damage-control efforts, Steele participated in a Friday conference call with members of the RNC, where he apologized and sought to reassure them that he would refocus on the task at hand, according to several people who participated in the call.

Sure sign Steele has jumped the shark: Republicans are concerned about a Saturday Night Live video mocking Steele.

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