Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make the Twitter Madness Stop!

News that will make Jim Johnson happy: The Hill has announced "The Hill's Twitter Room." It is a blog dedicated to posting Tweets of politicians and bloggers. What a fucking assinine use of journalistic resources. The person The Hill is paying to read and post Tweets could be doing actual journalism. If I want to know what Michelle Malkin is tweeting (which I don't) I would subscribe to Twitter feed.

Congress is making laws and debating appropriation bills. That is more important than this gem from Redstate.com webmaster Erik Erickson.

Ashley Biden and Barack Obama are both coke heads. Big freakin' deal. Time to move on.

Erickson has failed to build the right-wing equivalent of Daily Kos and has become a blogosphere punchline. Time to move on.

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