Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shiny Happy Governor

Via Kenneth Quinnell: unemployment is rising in Florida. Since people aren't working, Governor Charlie Crist decided to follow their example. Crist took the Friday off when news broke of Florida's unemployment rate reaching 9.4 percent. Crist took two days off the week before.

Meanwhile, the Florida legislature scrapped Crist's budget recommendations. The Governor's office budget projections were deemed outdated.

"We threw that away," Sen. Mike Fasano of New Port Richey said at a recent budget hearing. A strong Crist ally, he said later that lawmakers rarely pay much attention to a governor's budget proposal.

Senate budget chairman J.D. Alexander has pleaded for Crist to use the Governor's office as a "bully pulpit." Crist continues to take days off and say he is optimistic about the budget. Crist refuses to leave the confines of his "Shiny Happy People" world.

“I am more optimistic about getting a budget today. I had good conversations with the speaker and the president today. I am more encouraged we might get gaming and some significant additional revenue out of the [Sen. Dennis] Jones bill, maybe as much as $700 to $1 billion. There are glimmers of hope.”

Crist, quoted yesterday in the Sun Sentinel.

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