Friday, December 05, 2008

Blackwater Indictments

Two sources told CNN that 5 members of Blackwater will be indicted. The charges stem from the 2007 shotting that killed 17 Iraqi civilians.

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The Associated Press reports the Blackwater mercenaries involved in the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians could be charged as early as Monday. The Blackwater contractors face charges of manslaughter and assault. The strangest possible charge is prosecutors using the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. Under the ADA Act, any person committing a crime with a fully automatic weapon are sentenced to 30-year prison terms.

Update: I found the CNN article is online. The charges are sealed. The prosecutor may announce the charges Monday. The CNN Wire blog post reports a sixth Blackwater guards made plea bargain deals. Which is how I figured the prosecutor would have to make his case. There may be Iraqi eyewitnesses in court.

Proving murder will be hard. A manslaughter and weapons charge under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act is more likely.

Update: Five Blackwater guards have been told to surrender to the FBI. Two Blackwater guards are lokking at the most prison time. Dustin Heard and Paul Slough are alleged to be the most proactive paticipants in the shooting.

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