Thursday, December 04, 2008

Justice Served to Blackwater

The Associated Press reports the Blackwater mercenaries involved in the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians could be charged as early as Monday. The Blackwater contractors face charges of manslaughter and assault. The strangest possible charge is prosecutors using the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. Under the ADA Act, any person committing a crime with a fully automatic weapon are sentenced to 30-year prison terms.

The State Department granted immunity to the Blackhawk personal involved; in exchange for their testimony. FBI agents told the Washington Post that any information from those testimonies is inadmissible. The Justice Department had to use other investigative methods. Forenic evidence and eyewitness reports from Iraq civilians. Another possibility is the DoJ got a member of Blackwater to come forward. I am looking forward to finding out how prosecutors were able to build their case.

I truly hope the AP story pans out. I never thought Blackwater would have to answer for these senseless killings. This gives me new faith in the justice system.

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