Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wingnut Alert: Wizbang Trusts What the Media Says

Kim Priestap of Wizbang states the Obama campaign wanted "horrific headlines" about the recent Wallstreet meltdown. Priestap's proof is that CNN's political correspondent Candy Crowley.

This is what the Obama campaign wanted. Got that? The American people watched the Dow drop by 500 points yesterday and banks go under and declare bankruptcy, and Crowley reports that this is what the Obama team wanted because they see the chance to score political points. But this is typical of Democrats because in order to win, they need suffering, they need upheaval, they need fear.

Let me get this straight. Wizbang actually trusts what the liberal media has to say. Let's do the time warp all the way back to September 6, 2008. Priestap wrote the post "CNN Portraying Palin's Thug Ex-Brother in Law as Sympathetic." Priestap accused CNN of smearing Sarah Palin on the TroopGate story.

Nice. He should have been fired right then and there. And there's more, including that the Alaska State Troopers confirmed that this guy threatened to kill his father in law if he helped his daughter (Palin's sister) get a divorce. Additionally, there were protection orders against him prohibiting him from getting anywhere near Palin's sister. This guy had absolutely no business being anywhere near any police force.

Yet, CNN slaps up a video that makes him look like the victim. Head on over to AJ's site and read all about who this guy really is and how low CNN is going in their effort to hurt Sarah Palin.

That same day, fellow Wizbang blogger Lorie Byrd accused CNN's Soledad O'Brien on cutting funding for special needs children. Byrd hysterically cites Michelle Malkin as a valid source of factual research. Malkin's book "Defense of Internment" contained numerious errors that Malkin was forced to admit. Malkin has since took down the page citing her errors. The Historian Committee For Fairness signed a petition stating Malkin's book. The petition was signed by several tenured history professors.

Michelle Malkin's appearance on numerous television and radio shows and her comments during these appearances regarding her book IN DEFENSE OF INTERNMENT represent a blatant violation of professional standards of objectivity and fairness. Malkin is not a historian, and she states that she relied almost exclusively on research conducted or collected by others. Her book, which purports to defend the wartime treatment of Japanese Americans, did not go through peer review before publication. This work presents a version of history that is contradicted by several decades of scholarly research, including works by the official historian of the United States Army and an official U.S. government commission. In fact, the author's presentation of events is so distorted and historically inaccurate that, when challenged by reputable historians, she has herself conceded that her main thesis in incorrect, namely that the MAGIC intercepts of prewar Japanese diplomatic cable traffic, explain and justify the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans.

So is Malkin and Byrd right that CNN is falsely accusing Palin of cutting funding for special education and needs children? No. The 2007 budget was created before Palin became Governor. The 2007 and 2008 budgets were during Palin's tenure.

FY2007 Governor - 8,265.3
FY2008 Governor - 3,156.0
2009 Governor - 3,156.0

The moral of the story is conservative bloggers agree with the media when it confirms their beliefs. That means even showing love to the so-called liberal media. Conservative blogger will bash the media and cite the journalistically dubious Michelle Malkin when it reaffirms their worldview.

Two thoughts:

1. My jaw dropped when Wizbang cited a CNN talking head as speaking the gospel truth. The end of days must be near.

2. Bronwyn Lance Chester on Malkin: I think she habitually mistakes shrill for thought-provoking and substitutes screaming for discussion. She’s an Asian Ann Coulter. I also think that, like Coulter, she says outrageous things just to get TV appearances and book deals. She’s the worst of what’s wrong with punditry today. She adds absolutely nothing to genuine political discourse.

That about sums up Malkin.

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