Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the Day

"There were very few white people in my neighborhood. I didn’t know what prejudice was. Probably the only two white people in my neighborhood were myself and Michael Jackson. My friends were all black. … You’re flat-out wrong."

Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair, making a lame attempt to prove he is not a bigot. Well done, Commissioner!

Blair debated Democratic opponent and LGBT candidate Kevin Beckner on Flashpoint. The latter attacked Blair on his racism towards Muslims. Blair showed his intolerance on Bill O'Reilly's show.

BECKNER: This is part of Mr. Blair’s agenda of marginalizing people in our community. He’s had a history of it. He’s marginalized the Muslim community. He’s pushed for banning books in our libraries. He slighted our African American community. Mr. Blair has done more to drive down the socio- and economic value of our community than anybody other than former commissioner Ronda Storms.

Hillsborough county Muslims asked for a school day off to celebrate Ramadan. O'Reilly and Blair didn't have an issue of whether it would be good policy to have another school day. They agreed a Muslim holiday should not be recognized.

BLAIR: Well, in December of 2004, a gentleman representing the Muslim religion came before the school board and asked if Eid, which I believe is part of Ramadan, be recognized as an official school holiday. That went to a subcommittee, a calendar committee that's comprised of 28 members. Where these members come from, we still don't have the exact answers. I guess they're citizens, friends of the school board members, various people like this. As a matter of fact, I think there's a Jewish representative and a Muslim representative on the board. Of the 28, only 12 showed up, as I understand it. They gave them very little feedback other than the option of taking President's Day and turning it -- they basically gave --

O'REILLY: So a Muslim wanted a Muslim holiday, which is absurd in a Judeo-Christian country. I mean, we can't be having Hindu and Buddha. I mean, come on. I mean, this country is founded on Judeo-Christian traditions.

BLAIR: Absolutely.

Blair also came out against the Day of Silence.

"Can you imagine asking for a 'Day of Cheer for Heterosexuality?'" said Blair. "If no action is taken to change this policy." Considering Blair once made a career wearing yellow and black tights; a Day For Cheer Hetrosexuality could clear up questions about him.

The Day of Silence was created to honor the memory of Lawrence King. He was a gay teen whom was mudered. Teachers have said the Day of Silence doesn't disturb classes. Students simply do not speak. (Which makes many teachers happy.) If someone asks about their silence; they hand a card explaining the Day of Silence. Blair seized on the issue to demonize his opponent Beckner. On Flashpoint, Blair said he would vote for the anti-gay marriage Amendment 2 because he is a Christian. Someone needs to explain the separation of church and state and 14th amendment.

Here are two videos from Blair's previous career as a professional wrestler. These videos just scream that Blair is not qualified to serve in government.

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