Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paul Wolfowitz Back In Government

Paul Wolfowitz keeps coming back like a bad penny. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appointed Wolfowitz chairman of the International Security Advisory Board. The board deals with arms control, something Wolfowitz does not favor.

Wolfowitz is the architect of the Iraq war. That is why President Bush needed to get Wolfowitz out of the Pentagon. Having the architect of one of the most badly planned wars in U.S. history is not an asset.

Wolfowitz was appointed President of the World Bank. Wolfowitz gave girlfriend Shaha Riza a tax free raise. He was unpopular with his employees. Wolfowitz was pushed out of the World Bank and eventually resigned in disgraced.

Any other administration would treat Wolfowitz like the second coming of Dick Morris. The Bushies are beyond the point of caring about image. They're mandate was gone in 2005. Bush is going to reward the cronies for their loyalty. Governing properly is secondary to the Bushies self-interests. If you haven't figured that out then you either think Katrina disaster relief was well-executed or you're an idiot.



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