Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wolfowitz Fights On

Paul Wolfowitz has no intention of resigning from the World Bank. He has hired the legal council of Robert Bennett. Wolfowitz and Bennett intend to make their case to the World Bank that Wolfowitz should remain. Both are prepared for the worst.

He said Wolfowitz would not resign and said he had not been hired to negotiate a termination agreement for the embattled bank president, the former U.S. deputy defense secretary and architect of the invasion of Iraq.

President Bush has expressed confidence in Wolfowitz. Which is never a good sign in situations like this. Meanwhile, the list of people who want Wolfowitz out grows.

In an open letter to the Financial Times newspaper, 42 former World Bank officials, including several Vice Presidents, say Mr Wolfowitz has lost the trust and respect of staff at all levels and he must quit to help preserve the Bank's reputation.

Wolfowitz only got the World Bank job because Bush had to get him out of the Pentagon for screwing up Iraq so badly.

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