Monday, April 23, 2007

Tom Feeney Now Sorry About Golfing In Scotland

Tom Feeney was recently interviewed by the FBI about his visit to Royal & Ancient Golf Club. Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff paid for the trip. Feeney's office put out this press release.

"Rep. Feeney considers this an embarrassing episode in his 17-year career as an elected official and an expensive lesson for him as a public servant," according to the statement.

That is rather humble of Feeney. He was publicly flaunting his relationship with Abramoff after the lobbyist became a lightning rod for controversy. Feeney kept dining at Abramoff's restaurant Signatures.

Feeney had to pay the U.S. Treasury $5,643 for his Scotland golf trip. The entire trip cost over $160,000. Abramoff spent tons of cash to make Feeney feel comfortable.

The other two Congressmen who Abramoff has taken to golf in Scotland are Tom Delay and Bob Ney. Delay has been indicted. Ney has been convicted of corruption charges stemming from in relationship with Abramoff.

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